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W.I.N.G.S. Chicago Domestic Violence Agency


I try to regain my senses as I huddle in a dark corner of the bedroom. I reach up to touch my aching face and am suddenly thrown by a wave of nausea. My skin is covered in blood. I know the wound is bad.

The flip-flop of my stomach passes quickly as I stumble toward the bathroom to look in the mirror. I am shocked by the person I see looking back. I hardly recognize myself. There is a large sanguineous gash running the length of my cheek, and extensive bruises are fighting to develop. I try to stop the flow with a clean hand towel, but it just keeps coming. Cursing quietly to myself, I fumble through my purse for the car keys and start off to the emergency room.

I know the doctors & nurses will ask what happened; I’ve been here too many times to count. I’ll have to tell them I fell down the stairs again. I know this is a foolish excuse but it is far better than the truth. The truth is, like the other 1.3 million women and 835,000 men in America, I am a victim of domestic abuse. ~ Anonymous


As the Founder of Women In Need of Godly Services (W.I.N.G.S.), I envisioned a place for women & their children to be offered vital care from the hands of their abuser. Although not a direct victim of domestic violence, I have witnessed first hand people taking matters into their own hands & causing heinous acts of violence towards those in my family & those considered friends. I solely believe that every human being deserves & has a right to basic needs, respect, and peace of mind.

By teaming up with other agencies within the greater Chicago land area, as well as, the initiatives & programs offered through various corporations, organizations, ministries, etc., I encourage those who have the time to volunteer, finances to contribute, knowledge to work with us, creative ideas to implement, and abilities to give, to support our mission. I strongly believe that we can be a bridge to servicing those whose rights are tragically & unfairly stripped from them. From the wisdom of my grandmother, every person has the right & can be empowered to… “Take W.I.N.G.S. & Fly!” ~ Taryn LaRae

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Emergency Shelter

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Why Did I Do It?

Statistics show that men are the predominant perpetrators in cases of domestic abuse.