Emergency Shelter

Our main goal is to operate our Emergency Response & Rescue Shelter Program, which will provide safe, short-term residency for battered women & their children on a year round basis in a clean environment.

Since inception, our mission has been to grow into a financial place to provide on-the-spot housing for battered women & their children. We believe that we can strengthen women and their children by promoting strategies to improve the overall conditions & welfare of distressed families, while hosting these families in a non-violent, clean facility. Since our Board Members and supporters have been committed to advocating for justice and human rights…especially for victims of domestic violence rather through jobs, the causes that are supported, & choices, together we have taken a stand to attack what we view is a pervasive problem with devastating results.

Through our Emergency Response & Rescue Shelter, the layout for the housing arrangements will be equipped with enough available beds to sufficiently accommodate temporary respite for 14-21 days. We project that a number of single women can live comfortably in our facility and/or families consisting of a woman with two to three children per month. The residency provided will be community housing with dormitory accommodations (one bunk bed and a bed per room). On average, over 300 women per year will be serviced through this single program.